40Billion.mobi is our new mobile website for professionals on-the-go

You can now access the power of 40Billion anywhere you are by using your Web-enabled mobile phone, Blackberry, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Sign in, manage your account, view Raises, view user profiles, read emails, add contacts, send invitations, search resources, and much more with the convenience of our mobile Web app.

Check it out at http://40billion.mobi on your phone today.

40Billion.com mobile website at 40billion.mobi

– The 40Billion Team

40Billion.com Mobile coming soon… NEXT WEEK


Mobile website coming soon to 40Billion.com

Are you as excited as we are? We’re working diligently to bring you 40Billion.com Mobile, an innovative mobile experience like no other, for raising money and funding businesses via your Web-enabled cell phone, iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry smartphone.

Coming next week! Please stay tuned.


Want to know which of your friends are most likely to invest in your business (or someone else’s business)?

Ever wondered which of your friends is most likely to invest in your business? Want to know which potential funders you should pursue and invite to participate in your Raise?

Use our amazing new Funding Probability BETA feature to find out the likelihood that each of your contacts will fund your Raise (or even someone else’s Raise).  Just click the “Invite Your Friends” button at the top of any Raise to find out more and make your social network start working for you!

 Add contacts to your network and find out which ones are most likely to fund your business.

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