How to Promote Your Raise to Over 10,000 Potential Funders Automatically

Upgrade to a “Promoted Raise” to extend your reach to a broader audience of potential funders and investors. Let us promote your raise (i.e., fundraising project for your business) to amplify your fundraising project with targeting options to reach likely funders who may be interested in funding your project.

We’ll promote your Raise automatically to over 10,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, on our blog, and via individual emails to members with similar interests (using our Funding Probability tool). We don’t promote using pay-per-click or search engine optimization, but instead utilize social media impressions and email marketing which produce more affordable, proven results.

A Promoted Raise is promoted daily (at least once per day) to followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, on our blog, and via individual emails to members with similar interests. 40Billion has over 10,000 followers and over 200,000 members who are potential funders for each project. At this time, you can select either 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days for your promotion period. Your Raise will be promoted every day including weekends during the promotion period. The service fee for a Promoted Raise starts at only $10.

To upgrade your Raise to a Promoted Raise, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to My Account at now;
  2. Click PROMOTE next to your Raise (you must have created a Raise already, so start a Raise first);
  3. Use the dropdown box to select the number of days (from 1 to 28);
  4. Click CONTINUE;
  5. Click PAY NOW, and complete your transaction;
  6. We will start promoting your Raise on the next business day.



How to Finish Your Business Plan in 1 Day

To help you finish your business plan faster, 40Billion has partnered with Growthink to give you a 25% discount on “The Ultimate Business Plan Template”!

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The Ultimate Business Plan Template was created by Dave Lavinsky, co-founder and president of Growthink, a leading business planning company. Since 1999, Growthink has developed business plans for thousands of clients, and the firm’s clients have raised more than $1 Billion.

By using this proven template, you’ll not only raise money faster… you’ll save tons of time.  It takes the average entrepreneur 100+ hours to create a business plan from scratch. But if you download this template today, you can be printing out your business plan tomorrow.

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Ultimate Business Plan Template

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