How To Turn Your Exit Page Into A Sales Opportunity

How To Turn Your Exit Page Into A Sales Opportunity

Here’s something that you should immediately put into action on your website. This concept is so simple, yet most of the time extremely overlooked: With every single transaction, you should be controlling where your customer goes next.

So many people miss out on this golden opportunity for additional profit. For instance, the thank-you page after an order might only say, “Thank you for your order. It will be shipped out soon.” Where’s that customer going to go now? Back to one of your other sites to spend more money with you. They will, if you give them the opportunity. There are so many little tiny “profit leverage” points on your website, and this is one of the easiest to increase any transaction.

Here’s one way: a thank-you page after an order. If someone just whipped out a credit card, he or she is way more likely to spend again if you offer an opportunity and an incentive. The old-school direct-marketing formula is RFM: recency, frequency and monetary value. This is one reason why direct-marketing companies look for “hot line” names, the most recent purchasers of a particular product, when they rent lists.

On your thank-you page, you’ve got people at one of their most responsive points. For example, the thank-you page offer from VistaPrint gives you an opportunity to get additional magnets just like your business card at a discount if you order within 10 minutes.

And if you don’t have another product to sell? No problem. Your thank-you page could easily be used for affiliate offers.

Another overlooked spot for so many sites is the opt-in page confirmation or thank-you page. With almost every email auto-responder company you can specify what the “success” or “confirmation” page will be. In most cases, you can put some sort of offer on the thank-you page.

Go through each of your sites and think about where there are overlooked profit opportunities on the thank-you, opt-in and registration pages.

In our 24/7 society, you should be fleet of foot and quick to capitalize. Enter the conversation already taking place and see how you can turn it into a promotion opportunity.

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