May 6: 3 Tips For Using Promoted Posts To Get Customers Excited

3 Tips For Using Promoted Posts To Get Customers Excited

As a business owner, startup entrepreneur, or marketing manager, how do you reach potential customers during these abnormal times? Are you willing to pay so your posts reach more eyes? Perhaps you should be.

One of the newest 40Billion features, called Promoted Posts, allows businesses to pay from $20 to $999 so that more visitors and contacts see their posts on computers and mobile devices for up to one year.

Using a regular whiteboard post on can be effective for ramping up engagement, but with Promoted Posts, 40Billion is taking the idea one step further.

The problem is that many regular posts go unseen, and only a small percentage of a user’s contacts see a given post; though it varies depending on how engaged your contacts are. Read more…

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