Welcome to the New 40Billion – worldwide social network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, & creative people

Great news! 40Billion is now the social network of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and creative people. The new 40Billion site enables you to promote yourself, your business, and your creations to the world.

For over four years, our platform introduced crowdfunding to U.S. small-business and startup entrepreneurs, facilitating more than $100 million in raises. We recently spun off our U.S. crowdfunding business, and we have expanded 40Billion as a social networking platform for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Your new profile page includes amazing features that help you promote your creative stuff. For example, you have your own whiteboard, where you can post news, questions, messages, links, photos, videos, and just about anything that you want to share with your contacts or the world. If other users like what you’ve posted, they can easily repost, reply, and share your posts.

Upgrade to a Promoted Profile, and we’ll automatically promote your profile daily to over 40,000 contacts, followers, and fans on 40Billion, Twitter, and other popular social networks. This is a great way to increase your exposure, get new contacts, advertise your business, and show off your creations.

Check out the new 40Billion now, update your profile, and see what’s happening in your network. Please LIKE our profile too.

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