Apr 3: 2 Ways To Generate Quick Buzz For Your Business

2 Ways To Generate Quick Buzz For Your Business

Don’t you love when business brands interact with you in an authentic, human way that leads to a satisfactory experience? That is, your problem is solved, and your needs are met.

What do we do when we have such an experience? Well, we talk about it. That is word-of-mouth buzz from social interaction that’s authentic and customer-service focused.

Here are 2 ways to generate this type of buzz for your business’ brand:

1) Communicate in a contextual way.

If a customer posts a negative message about your product or sends you a direct message on social media sites to request support, that immediately provides you with context for response. Read more…

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Apr 3: How To Promote Your Startup On A Shoe-String Budget

How To Promote Your Startup On A Shoe-String Budget

What do smart entrepreneurs do differently to ensure their business stays profitable? They do the simple things right. Simple things like finding cheap ways to get exposure, or hearing their customers’ feedback, or networking in the right places. With all this covered, the customer acquisition cost for every new customer falls low enough to make their business model sustainable in both the long and short term.

If you have a young business that’s losing steam fast compared to its competitors, it’s very likely you’re facing a rival who has found inexpensive and effective ways to market itself to new customers. Read more…

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Apr 3: Great Digital Marketing For Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

Great Digital Marketing For Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs

One of the best channels for bootstrapped entrepreneurs is digital marketing. Here’s how to do it right.

One of the hardest roads traveled is that of the bootstrapped entrepreneur. When you’re first starting out, you need to figure out a way to market your company on a shoestring budget. This generally means that you need to focus your efforts towards time-intensive activities that do not require much cash. Read more…

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Apr 3: 9 Ways of Making Content More Effective

9 Ways of Making Content More Effective

What is content marketing? Content marketing is a method of providing information of value that convinces an audience you are a trusted expert on your topic of mutual interest, and puts you top-of-mind when it is time they make a purchase decision. The model fits every industry you can think of, including yours.

Content marketing helps in generating more leads, sales, and business. Read more…

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Apr 3: How to Promote Your Crowdfunding Project to 2,500,000 People for Only $20

How to Promote Your Crowdfunding Project to 2,500,000 People for Only $20

Want to get the word out? Did you know you can broadcast your crowdfunding project or campaign to over 2,500,000 active users on 40Billion, Twitter, Facebook, and Google for only $20, or as little as $5 a day? Buy a promo ad to promote your message, brand, product, service, fundraising campaign, crowdfunding project, or small business to the world.

Are you trying to raise money on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundme? For over 4 years, aspiring crowdfunders and startup entrepreneurs have used 40Billion for affordable promotion across popular social networks in order to reach more potential customers and investors. Read more…

Apr 3: 6 Things to Consider When Launching an App on a Meager Budget

6 Things to Consider When Launching an App on a Meager Budget

Now that you’ve created the perfect app, it may come as a surprise to you that this really means only half of the work is done. The remaining half is to let the world know that your app exists.

To increase the reach and visibility of your app, follow this step-by-step process, and consider these 6 things when launching an app on a shoestring budget:

1) App Store Optimization

In the beginning, you will have to focus on App Store Optimization (ASO), which functions differently from SEO. Read more…

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Apr 3: 5 Crowdfunding Steps Proven To Raise Money on Kickstarter

5 Crowdfunding Steps Proven To Raise Money on Kickstarter

This post on how to raise money successfully using simple crowdfunding steps answers common questions for startup entrepreneurs and small businesses thinking about using crowdfunding to raise funding.

I have been in the crowdfunding space since 2008, after experiencing first-hand one of the biggest problems plaguing new businesses: There was a $40 billion gap in funding every year! That year, I founded one of the first crowdfunding platforms for U.S. Read more…

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