How to Market Your Fundraiser to 2,500,000 People for Only 20 Bucks

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4 Ways to Market Your Bootstrapped Startup Online

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4 Ways to Market Your Bootstrapped Startup Online

Some marketing strategies become less effective and some more effective. As a startup with limited resources, you need to pay especially close attention to what’s current so you can get the most bang for your marketing budget. You already know that you have to setup social media accounts. But here are few other ways you may not have considered.

  1. Make an Explainer Video

Everyone knows that video production is effective for business, but many startups dismiss the idea because they believe it’s expensive. The truth is that it’s nowhere near as expensive as you think. A simple slideshow with a narrator will cost you no more than a hundred dollars to purchase the software and learn how to use it.

Yet video marketing growth can pay dividends. Studies have shown that it’s one of the most effective marketing tactics around.

  1. Get Smart About Content Marketing

You likely already know that content marketing will make up the bulk of your online marketing efforts. These content pieces are longer than the average blog and they answer specific customer queries and issues. If your target audience types in a long tail query, a piece of content will appear, and it should be your content.

Recently, sites like have made this task easier by broadcasting and promoting your content to its large network of several million users across the most popular social networking sites for businesses – including Twitter, LinkedIn, 40Billion, and even Facebook. Innovative services like tweet ads, future retweets and promoted company listings were created for entrepreneurs and marketers to tap into a growing, active network online without spending thousands on pay-per-click ads or traditional advertising.

  1. Focus on Existing Customers

Whenever someone mentions marketing they automatically think of trying to attract the masses. Marketing to the people who already know you can be just as effective. When you think about it, 80% of your revenue will come from just 20% of your customers.

Your most loyal customers will make up the bulk of your business. Direct your marketing campaign to those who have already bought from you through your email list and through staying in touch in order to turn them from buyers into brand ambassadors.

  1. Manage Your Online Reputation

The online reputation industry is huge. The power of word-of-mouth marketing can’t be underestimated. The reality is that people have the power.

Managing your business’ online reputation is the key. It’s about setting up Google Alerts for your company name and monitoring every mention of your brand. Not only is your aim to bury the bad apples with a cascade of positive reviews, your aim is to find out what people dislike the most about your business.

By keeping your finger on the pulse of public opinion, you can change your business to ensure that you are not sabotaging your formal marketing campaigns.


Bootstrapping with a startup is the reality for many businesses that have just got off the ground and need to spread the word. Although it would be ideal to have a significant installation of investment, this isn’t always possible.

Just because you are struggling with money in the short-term doesn’t mean that you can’t become a success through effective low-cost marketing online. There are many companies that have become launched successful brands and become household names, even while bootstrapping. Effective use of resources is the key.

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. – Henry Ford

SAY OF THE DAY: “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” -Henry Ford

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Crowdfunding vs Venture Capital

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Crowdfunding vs Venture Capital

It seems like a catchy idea is all an aspiring entrepreneur needs these days in order to raise money on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe. Do crowds gravitate toward funding bad ideas? Or can crowds make rational funding decisions and, better yet, exceed venture capital investors and banks in identifying promising projects?

The crowd is often thought of as being a group of fools, but it turns out the crowd does consider the quality of projects and outcomes pretty well. One reason crowds might do as well, or even better, at picking promising projects is that they tend to be more diverse and might avoid, for example, some of the gender biases that have long directed the bulk of the venture capital funding to male entrepreneurs. Studies have shown that crowdfunding is actually opening up entrepreneurship and investing to more women.

For women entrepreneurs, crowdfunding promotion sites like have become very popular because they help to even the playing field by enabling women investors to find women entrepreneurs to invest in. Crowdfunding promotion sites broadcast projects to their large networks of users across online sites, including the most popular social networking sites – Twitter, LinkedIn, 40Billion, and even Facebook. Innovative services like tweet ads and promoted company listings were created for crowdfunding entrepreneurs of all types to tap into a growing, active “crowd” online without spending thousands on pay-per-click ads or traditional advertising.

In the last several years, crowdfunding has grown from a tool for fledgling bands to raise money from fans for an album they can’t afford to produce to a way for high-tech inventors to get access to capital for their new, innovative startups.

Venture capital investors are scrambling to tap the wisdom of the crowd by financing projects that initially got their start through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms have become a valuable source of deal flow for VC investors.


Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone. -Thomas Carlyle

SAY OF THE DAY: “Doubt, of whatever kind, can be ended by action alone.” -Thomas Carlyle

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5 Crowdfunding Steps Proven To Raise Money on Kickstarter


5 crowdfunding steps proven to raise money on Kickstarter

This post on how to raise money successfully using simple crowdfunding steps answers common questions for startup entrepreneurs and small businesses thinking about using crowdfunding to raise funding.

I have been in the crowdfunding space since 2008, after experiencing first-hand one of the biggest problems plaguing new businesses: There was a $40 billion gap in funding every year! That year, I founded one of the first crowdfunding platforms for U.S. small businesses to raise money online. Our platform facilitated more than $100 million in raises successfully over the next 4 years; and, in 2013, we expanded the platform to focus on promoting projects from all crowdfunding platforms using the power of social networks to spread the word.

So what steps should you take to raise funding for your business? How can you increase your access to funding and customers by leveraging social networks? In these 5 crowdfunding success steps, I will share with you some of the learnings I have gained from almost a decade in the space.

1: Turn Your Idea Into a Business Plan

A good business plan is the #1 most important factor in deciding whether to fund a friend’s, relative’s, or stranger’s business. The best thing you can do as an entrepreneur to increase your chance of success is to turn your idea into a concise business plan or presentation. Some services allow you to upload a document; however, be careful not to upload any confidential information or intellectual property that you don’t want publicly known.

Download this free business plan presentation template, which guides you to create your business plan presentation in just 13 simple PowerPoint slides.

2: Create a Crowdfunding Page

After you’ve written a compelling business plan, you need to make sections of it available online to your potential funders. Create a crowdfunding page that everyone you know can access easily on the Web. Your page should provide insight into your vision and plan for the business, how much funding you need and why, what you have to offer funders in return (e.g., discounts on products or services you sell), a memorable image or video, and a call-to-action button that makes it easy for funders to make payments to you online.

By now, you have probably heard of Kickstarter, one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms for creative projects. Yes, it’s the platform where several technology, design, and fashion startups have each raised millions of dollars, including over $10 million for the first smartwatch.

You will have to select an appropriate category, add sections from your business plan to create a pitch, and submit your new project for approval. The folks at Kickstarter can be very discriminating, so it’s like a badge of honor if your project gets approved. Don’t worry though… If your project is not a good fit for Kickstarter, there are other platforms you can try.

3: Invite Friends and Family to Check It Out

After you’ve created your crowdfunding page on Kickstarter or another platform, email it to everyone you know. Crowdfunding platforms are not good at promoting projects and usually do not offer affordable promotion services, so the results you get will depend on the effort and attention you put in to promoting your own crowdfunding project.

Invite your friends, family, community members, neighbors, and other contacts in your own network to review your business idea, give you feedback, contribute towards your funding target, and spread the word to their friends too. Share your crowdfunding page’s link by sending a personal email to each friend and relative using your favorite email program, such as Gmail.

Chances are, you know at least 50 people that you can share your idea with and ask for feedback. The more people you share with, the better your chances of raising money. For example, imagine you need to raise $40,000, and you invite 40 friends and relatives to contribute $25 each, in exchange for something in return — such as an exclusive version of the product before it is launched to the general public. Each of those friends and relatives invites 40 more friends and relatives to contribute towards the $40,000 target. Together, 40 x 40 = 1,600 people helping to raise $40,000 for your business.

All of a sudden, the impossible seems possible.

4: Promote It to the “Crowd”

After you have sent out your invitations to all of your contacts and received their feedback and some initial funding, it is time to spread the word to the proverbial “crowd,” a large online audience of potential funders and customers that can get you to your goal… and perhaps beyond.

Sites like make this easy by broadcasting and promoting your crowdfunding page to its large network of several million users across the most popular social networking sites for businesses — including Twitter, LinkedIn, 40Billion, and even Facebook. Innovative services like tweet ads and promoted company listings were created for crowdfunding entrepreneurs to tap into a growing, active network online without spending thousands on pay-per-click ads or traditional advertising.

Furthermore, when you use existing social networks to spread the word about your crowdfunding project, it may go “viral.” If a project goes viral on social networks, it attains high popularity and exposure very quickly, as influencers and celebrities share your link with their many thousands (or even millions) of followers and fans online. That’s how some projects raise millions of dollars, exceeding their fundraising goals many times over. You can do it too.

5: Keep In Touch

After you get funded, what then? Be sure to thank your funders and others who supported you financially or helped you spread the word. Then, be sure to keep the lines of communication open by sending them regular company updates to let them know that their support has has helped you fulfill your “American dream” and that you are achieving those milestones you had set in your business plan. A great benefit of social networks is that it is easier than ever to send messages and stay in touch.

Crowdfunding has democratized fundraising for millions of small businesses all over the world, and there are no signs of slowing down. When done right, crowdfunding gets you fast access to necessary funding, as well as access to your first customers, which greatly increases your likelihood of success as a small business entrepreneur. $40 billion was only the beginning!


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