Run Away, or You Will Fail…

There is one thing that invariably stands between an entrepreneur’s idea and their success: NAYSAYERS.

When our founder dreamed up 40Billion back in early 2008, so many people told him that a social funding network for startups via the Internet would never work. Venture capitalists, attorneys, friends, family, even some entrepreneurs were naysayers. Just 4 years later, it’s become an industry, and we’ve worked with the SEC, Congress, and President to create new laws facilitating social funding networks for small businesses raising money. There… Told you it would work!

Naysayers are everywhere. All too ready to say that your idea won’t work. That nobody will buy it. That it’ll never work in “the real world.”

Naysayers predicted failure when the copy machine was invented in 1956. And when Google launched in 1996. And when Facebook launched in 2004.

And pretty much every time an entrepreneur conceives a new idea, there is a naysayer waiting to tell them it won’t work.

Has this ever happened to you?

Don’t let naysayers quash your dreams or stop you from pursuing them to the fullest. The naysayers are often wrong.

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